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Anonymous asked:

What's the word for the type of gray when the lights are turned off?


Eigengrau (“intrinsic gray” / “own grey”), also called Eigenlicht (“intrinsic light”), dark light, or brain gray, is a term for the uniform dark gray background that many people report seeing in the absence of light. It is the dark grey colour seen by the eyes in perfect darkness, as a result of signals from the optic nerves.

Even in the absence of light, some action potentials are still sent along the optic nerve, causing the sensation of a uniform dark gray color. Eigengrau is perceived as lighter than a black object in normal lighting conditions, because contrast is more important to the visual system than absolute brightness.

Hence, what we see in the dark is not black (000000), but the color eigengrau (16161D hex or 22,22,29 RGB).


The Wicked + The Divine: Overemotional Investment - Comic Feature

Abigail Brady describes my attitude towards The Wicked + The Divine with terrifying accuracy-
'I was a WicDiv pre-fan. The potential was obvious, even if the pitch is simply “Gillen McKelvie goes pop”. The glimmerings of premise drew me in; I wanted to know more, I wanted to know everything.'

She also makes a good point about the Romantic pantheon which potentially supports my valkyries-as-creations theory-
'Woden, our creator god, here incarnates as Mary Shelley, most famous to us as writer of Frankenstein, about another creator, of a being perceived as a monster.'




I don’t think so, but I *do* think the Valkyries are androids. Woden makes things, and the Valkyries are objectified in every sense- in any other comic they would just be groupies, but WicDiv will take the opportunity to criticise the objectification of women by literally making them objects.
Don’t believe my fantheory? Check out the female gaze at the beginning of Young Avengers and tell me the same people who wrote and drew this are going to cast real girls as Woden’s fantasy doll-groupies:

Then go back to the first issue of WicDiv where the only man who gets a speaking role is detonated, and Sakhmet’s groupies are portrayed as virtually slack-eyed zombies, which I take as a criticism of one aspect of fame and fandom- I expect it to be brought to the fore as part of Laura’s development in the coming issues. I mean, look at Sakhmet’s playthings, they don’t look happy do they?

In addition to all this, if Kieron Gillen misses the opportunity to have Android Valkyries in Tron costumes shooting lasers he is not the awesome writer we know him to be.

Hmm. She doesn’t look like an android though, she has too much attitude- is it me or does she look haughty?

I’m going to re-read the issues so far and see if there’s any stray references I’ve missed other than “his cheerily racist army of ethnic mono-cultured valkyrie fuck buddies” which is a strike against my theory.
I guess time will tell, but I’m hoping for an Android Valkyrie fight scene, c’mon WicDiv you know it makes sense…





Many classic horror icons and other disturbing creatures share common characteristics. Pale skin, dark, sunken eyes, elongated faces, sharp teeth, and the like. These images inspire horror and revulsion in many, and with good reason. The characteristics shared by these faces are imprinted in the human mind.

Many things frighten humans instinctively. The fear is natural, and does not need to be reinforced in order to terrify. The fears are species-wide, stemming from dark times in the past when lightning could mean the burning of your tree home, predators could be hiding in the dark, heights could make poor footing lethal, and a spider or snake bite could mean certain death.

The question you have to ask yourself is this:

What happened, deep in the hidden eras before history began, that could effect the entire human race so evenly as to give the entire species a deep, instinctual, and lasting fear of pale beings with dark, sunken eyes, razor sharp teeth, and elongated faces?

To be honest that last question frightened me more that the picture.

That question is what always catches me and makes me want to reblog this

don’t tell me one has never tried to kill you.


Emma Watson talks to the UN.

She’s now getting threats and all manner of bullshit nastiness. Therefore, I propose that everyone should reblog this video until the Internet creaks with the strain, and then a couple more times to make the point, and tell everyone we know to watch it immediately.

Because that is how we do.


"The Faust Act is over. Welcome to Fandemonium. The second arc of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE begins with issue #6 in its traditional manner (i.e. a ludicrous pun) and something like "nothing will ever be the same again."…Writer Gillen remained coy about the second arc’s plot twists, but hinted that each issue would pack a punch readers wouldn’t see coming. "With the first arc, we wanted an intense, classic comics’ build, rising towards the fifth issue as this big, earthquake-sized heart-attack climax,” said Gillen. “Our second arc—FANDEMONIUM—is different. It’s a line of chasers on the bar, each a micro-nuke cocktail, served with a wink and distilled for concentrated effect. The first arc was a week or so in the gods’ two-year lives. In the second arc, each issue is separated by a whole month and focuses around a single gathering of fans. Time’s running out. Time’s always running out."" (Taken from an Image Comics article)

I’m super tempted to stop reading the issues & just wait for the arcs to be released; doubt I’ll be able to resist though.

In the meantime, I’ll speculate on which god is gracing issue 6’s cover. Is this Baal’s boyfriend?

That’s Inanna who is very likely to challenge any and all assumptions about the gender and sexuality of the gods. It’s going to be fantastic.

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